Topiclean Shampoo bottles
Did you know this is the same shampoo we use to make all the dogs smell so lovely here at the Spa??
One of the neat things about Tropiclean Shampoos is they were “green” before green was a thing. The ingredients are simple yet so effective and beneficial in so many ways for your fur babies. Here are some examples:
Aloe – just like with us and sunburns is very soothing to irritated skin or after a day at the beach
Coconut or Coconut Oil – key ingredient in almost all of the Tropiclean Shampoo line due to its ability to help improve damaged skin, it’s a great source of extra moisture and well, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coconut
Papaya – helps make the coat and skin extra soft and is another great source of extra moisture. Conditioner for your pets that will help keep the coat from getting tangled
Tropiclean Medicated – oatmeal, tea tree oil, chamomile and aloe are all key ingredients which makes the medicated shampoos a much more soothing experience for your fur baby with extra sensitive skin
You can find these and all kinds of other Tropiclean Products in store here at Besties!
We’re you’re pets Best Friend!