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Here at Besties we don’t just love your pet… we’re your pet’s best friend! Besties offers pet care from reliable and trustworthy caretakers including grooming, bath and blowout, and nail trims. Besties also supplies high quality foods, toys, and all manners of accessories for your four-legged companions. Call us today for quality pet care, with your satisfaction guaranteed!

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Meet Our Groomers

Reeva sits on the ground at her farm with three dogs, two bunnies, a sheep and a goat around her.


Hey all! It’s safe to say animals are my passion work, I studied veterinarian medicine and am a certified groomer with 4 years experience and have worked in rescues, grooming salons and vet clinics. After years away from the animal field, growing a family and building up my own farm, I’m back to enjoying grooming!
I have experience with a variety of animals and am happy to always meet new friends in the animal world!  Grooming for me is so much more then just dogs and cats! I am happy to do nail trims on birds, bunnies, guinea pigs and other small critters. I also do my own goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas and much more! Beak trims, dematting or clipping matts out of our long haired furry friends. I love meeting and befriending your pet when they are on my table getting beautified, and getting that sweet feeling of a happy, good smelling, wagging tail of a dog once they are done!
Although being out of the game for a while, I look forward to increasing my skills in the grooming industry and becoming an amazing groomer for all your beloved creatures!

Jasmine, junior dog groomer hugging a shaggy dog


I’m very new to the grooming world, starting in August 2022, but have worked with animals prior to grooming. I have worked with animals at an emergency vet clinic as a vet assistant, as well as at a kennel doing daily care with German Shepherds. I also took animal biology, animal genetics and animal disorders in university. I really enjoy grooming and love getting to know your animals and enhancing my grooming skills. I’m working on doing breed specific cuts like a yorkie or a schnauzer for example. I’m a very caring individual and have developed a lot of patience with dogs and love all of them, from puppies to older ones, to a pup that needs a little extra time and care. If they have a fear, I will try my absolute best to make them comfortable. They all deserve the same love, patience and acceptance, for the personality they obtain.

Rhonda, dog groomer with black horse


With 28 years experience, Rhonda owned her own successful grooming salon in consecon for 15+ years and worked in previous grooming salons prior. She is a certified groomer and is very good at what she does, and loves working with animals of all kinds. Over the years she has groomed horses for large competitions and use to compete in dog shows for both obedience and conformation. Rhonda is very particular about her pets she grooms and will not let them leave the salon without feeling like they look their best most beautiful self. She is patient and wholesome and you can ensure your pet is safe and getting the best care while in her arms for their appointment.

Margaritas - Groomer


I started grooming in Scandinavia, and continued when I returned to Canada. My compassion and love for all animals brought about my career change from international business development to grooming dogs and cats.

I possess a calmness, respect and patience for each dog and cat’s unique personality – they sense this non-threatening environment, and feel they are in good hands.

The well-being of your pet is my top priority, and it is important to me that their experience is a positive one; whether a puppy’s first bath, or a senior dog’s inability to stand for long periods of time. I adjust to each individual need!

Grooming is a vital part of your pet’s care, and for the love of your pets, my goal is to work with you to do what is best for your pet, and your lifestyle.

“Besties, we’re your pet’s best friend!”