Besties is fully stocked on Lakeside Dog Biscuits!

These little medicated treats provide just enough power to calm down your Pooch down in any sort of situation that sparks anxiety. Time for a Nail Trim? Car ride? Leaving for work? House renovations? New baby? Experiencing Pain? These are only a few reasons why a dog may have anxious tendencies.

Packed with re-purposed spent grains from local breweries, whole wheat flour, dehydrated Elk, local unpasteurized honey, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, &  organic, non GMO Hemp Sativa Extract (CBD) sourced from Industrial hemp.

These treats are a huge hit for lots of dogs coming in to get groomed among other things. They are sourced and sold locally in very small batches which means your dog is getting the best most fresh quality Elk & Hemp treats on the market!

Come talk to us to find out if Lakeside Dog Biscuits would be beneficial in your pups life!

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