✨ Athol approves of our newest Wet Cat Food Recipe; Kit Cat Super Premium Wet Cat Food!
🐾 It isn’t your average pate or gravy soaked cat food. Your cat will crave this recipe!!
✨ 100% real meat flakes in real broth brewed naturally from chicken or tuna with only the needed additives to ensure your pet gets the most healthy complete meal. Taurine is added and is an important essential amino acid for cats of all life stages. It is critical for normal heart muscle function, vision, reproduction, and overall healthy development. It also aids in digestion & FLUTD care due to the high moisture content.
🐾 Your cat will love the fresh smell and will come running when they hear the can open! It’s purrrfect for fussy eaters and we carry it in seven different wholesome flavours currently.
Only the Best at Besties Pet Spa & Cuisine, we’re your pets Best Friend!