Jasmine and Nicole in Besties grooming room with two dogs
We here at Besties are so thrilled to introduce you to our new Junior Stylist Jasmine and our new Bather Nicole.
Both of these girls have shown that they have a love of animals since day one of working with our team. They are more than willing to learn different aspects of the job and they always do it with enthusiasm. We are so grateful to have such an amazing team of groomers that are willing to teach their skills to others so they can help animals not only look their best but feel their best too! 
With all that being said, call and book a Grooming Session or Bath with either Jasmine or Nicole (must specify name) and you will be given a complimentary “Pick Me Poncho” by Canada Pooch to take home free of charge! (Appointment MUST be honoured, Sizes and styles will vary). We hope to see you soon!
Besties, We’re Your Pets Best friend!